"We believe in the source of the ingredientes, continuing deeply committed to a continuous preservation of quality to preforme a genuine product."

The BeiraLacte, Dairy Artisan of Beira Baixa Ltd. is a production unit of cheese located in the municipality of Fundão, fully demarcated region of Beira Baixa cheese. The owners of the dairies are descended from families of Cova da Beira region, and producing cheese since 1981, combining modern quality control standards to art and knowledge of generations.

The Beiralacte serves your region constituting itself as an engine of publicity of the good things in Beira Baixa. The excellence runs in our veins and the development of the surrounding social, cultural, economic and environmental represents our mission.

So, believing in the quality of the ingredients, we remain deeply committed to a continuous preservation of the excellence, for making a traditional product, without neglecting the focus on food security and improvement of service delivery.

Regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries, as a Class C establishment for the production of Cheese and Curd in the veterinary registration ILT P 704 EC, the Beiralacte offers exceptional facilities for production, curing and storage of vehicles and have especially equipped to transport their products to anywhere in the country and abroad.